I can’t find what I want on Amazon!

This is probably the biggest reason I started CarPhoneCables.

The first time I went to Amazon and looked for short USB cables, I got a couple of hits for short USB cables, but the vast majority were regular USB cables. Even when I would change the search variables to include some variant of short USB cables, my search results always showed a higher percentage of longer cables that did not meet my needs.

On CarPhoneCables you will find not only the short USB cables that you need, but you will also find them sorted by the connectors that you’re looking for. Whether you need Lightning cables or Type C cables, our easy to navigate site will direct you to exactly what you’re looking for so you don’t have to dig deep through several pages of Amazon results to find what you’re looking for.

Also, you know that the short USB cables that you find here will do what you want them to do. All of these cables have been reviewed to provide either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility. If you ever see a cable that you like on Amazon that we don’t include on CarPhoneCables, please let me know! There is a Contact link on the bottom of every page.