USB Micro Cables

USB micro cables are the legacy charge/data cables that many older Android phones use. These cables use the traditional USB Type A connector on one end and the Micro USB Type B on the other end. Here you will find a broad selection of short USB cables that will charge your phone and transmit data at the fastest possible speeds.

These 7-inch Micro USB cables are great for charging your phone or tablet while traveling. They also work great when your phone is plugged into your spare battery pack in your backpack or purse. 5 Pack of short usb cables come in white and black

12 inch cables are ideal for use in most cars. They give you enough length to plug your phone in without having a bunch of extra cable hanging down on the floor. This 5 pack ensures that you will always have a cord when you need it! These cords only come in red.

This 18-inch USB A 2.0 to Micro USB cable is perfect if you need just a little more length. It has fast charge capability up to 18 watts along with extra durable support at each end to prevent cable breakage, which allows UGREEN to offer an 18-month warrnty!

Some trucks and SUVs have large center consoles and a one foot cable is too short, but a three foot cable is too long. We found the perfect two foot cable for you! This vCharges cable comes in black, white, and pink and takes care of you with a 1 year hassle-free warranty.

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