Why short USB cables?

If you’ve ever used a phone in your car, you’re familiar with the problem of dangling cords. Especially if there are two of you trying to both use the usb ports at the same time. This is precisely when short USB cables come in handy.

Short USB cables keep your cars interior looking sleek and contemporary. Just like you! Here at CarPhoneCables, we offer short USB cables in a broad array of configurations and lengths. Vehicle makers can’t do us the favor of standardizing vehicle interiors, so one cable length might be right for your friend, but you need something a little longer or a little shorter for your car.

Another really great use for short USB cables is when you need to charge from your portable battery in your backpack or your purse. No one wants a long three foot cord snaked around everything and accidently unplugging your phone when it really needs to be charging. This is where those short 4-inch USB cords come in handy. They’re also great for when your traveling.

If you live in the iPhone world, you’ll be pleased to know that all of the short USB cords that you’ll find here are MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certified. This will ensure that you never have a problem getting your device to work properly.

If you live in the Android world, it’s good to know that all of these cables have been reviewed and tested to work with Android Auto.

So whatever your needs for a short USB cable – car, purse, or backpack – you can rest assured that the cables that you’ll find on CarPhoneCables will do the job.